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11th October to 13th October 2019
16th Annual Conference of SCNNF 2019 held at Nashik from
  Breast feeding week celebrated at Aurangabad 2019
16th Feb 2020

Venue: Hotel Pearl, Sangli
Approach to Neonatal jaundice- Dr. Piyush Shaha
Approach to Respiratory distress- Dr. Sandeep Patil
Approach to Neonatal Encephalopathy- Dr. Amit Tagare
Approach to Neonatal Surgical problems - Dr. Santosh Patil Panel discussion

February 21 Workshop & 22-23 Conference
10th Annual Conference

ANP 2020 (Advance in Neonatology & Perinatology)
Date: 28th January 2022
Online Zoom Meeting
Continuous Neonatal Nursing Education

25th February 2022
Online zoom meeting
Continuous Nursing Education

Theme: Abnormal implies to what is not normal
11th March 2022
Online zoom meeting
Continuous Nursing Education

1. Clinical pearls for breast feeding for neonatal pediatric nurces
2. Nursing care plan of baby on CPAP
Date: Friday, 27th May 2022
Online zoom meeting
Continuing Nursing Education